Signature Gardens

Community and family gardens are a great way to not only provide food for your loved ones, but also get the healing benefits of the exposure to fresh air, sunlight and soil.

Prices are per 32 square ft

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In-Ground Garden

Want to start a basic vegetable garden? Let us help you start growing food. The service includes cost of supplies, plants and labor.


4x8 Raised Beds

Interested in having raised beds? We'll build them for you! Our services include the supplies needed to build the beds and planting your preferred seedlings.


Garden Revitalization

Have a garden already but need some help? We will provide a soil test to find out what is lacking in your soil and rehabilitate it to get you producing food again.


Garden Maintenance

Per 32 sq ft: Minimum $50 per visit

    • Monthly  $20/Bed
    • Bi-Weekly  $18/Bed
    • Weekly  $15/Bed

Maintenance includes assistance in Harvesting, Planting, Pruning & Trellising, and an average of 6-10 minutes per bed of instruction and training.  

Original Planting Cost must be assessed based upon the season, type of plants and condition of the garden.

Our commitment is to provide Atlanta with access to fresh foods!

Help us make our vision a reality.