Cultivating Humanity Inc. is committed in providing educational resources to children and adults alike through farming classes and cooking workshops to teach and inspire community members to get involved in growing and cooking their own food to increase accessibility to fresh fruits and vegetables.

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Cultivating Humanity Inc. seeks to partners with local farms to offer sale and delivery of farm fresh foods in the Clayton County and Metro Atlanta area. Similarly, Cultivating Humanity Inc. seeks to build community gardens to decrease the incidences of food deserts.

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Mission Statement

To decrease incidences of food insecurity in the Clayton county and Metro Atlanta Areas through dignified partnership and educational opportunities for the community at large.


Our vision is all people living in the Clayton county and Metro Atlanta Areas have access to affordable high quality fresh fruits and vegetables.


  • Food Awareness
  • Accessibility
  • Collaboration
  • Education
  • Equity
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Our commitment is to provide Atlanta with access to fresh foods!

Help us make our vision a reality.